weird childhood experiences

Sorry the focus kept blurring out a bit...I hope you enjoy this video talking about my childhood!  I had a lot of fun recording it.  Leave a comment below and tell me about a childhood experience that you remember!

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-Bess- said...

Funny! Once in middle school my friend didn't get a chance to get lunch & so we scrambled to find some change to buy her an ice cream. The only thing was when we got the change gathered & bought the ice cream, lunch was over & we were going to be late for class. We were trying to sneak around to get to our next class, we had to go outside to go to another building, when we spotted our vice principal headed our way. We tried to hide behind a corner - my friend tossed her unfinished ice cream in a bush, but it was too late we had been spotted. We had to sit in the vice principal's office where we had to try an explain. The VP asked, "So, where's the ice cream?" I thought, man, she threw out our alibi. My friend started crying & I was pretty tough, because I knew my mom would understand {I'd never got in trouble at school before}, but eventually I cried, too. We had to go to our next class with red eyes. This bully girl asked, "Where were you all? Why are your eyes red?" When we told her she thought we were cool {ha}; she still was a bully, but we had earned a smidgen of her respect. Crazy times!
Blessings to ya,

P.S.: Sorry I haven't e-mailed you yet, but hopefully soon. =)

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