Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #41

I'm thankful for:

0801. encouragement--through sermons, books, people, etc.

0802. being able to go to Gravity Park tonight--we had so much fun!

0803. vitamins

0804. a nice, relaxing Christmas break.  It seemed way too fast, but I'm excited to start up with my classes again on Monday.

0805. new year's resolutions that I feel are actually achievable, and not overwhelming.

0806. staying in contact with people from Glorieta.

0807. piano covers

0808. that I don't actually have to take an 8:30 AM class next semester.  I really messed up with my schedule so I have to take a night class now, but at least I don't have to wake up really early!

0809. that the Lord never allows me to be broke "without hope". :)

0810. brown leather boots

0811. Chloe's seventh birthday on Saturday!  I cannot believe she is so big.

0812. looking forward to doing a prelude on Sunday.  Let's hope it turns out well...I always seem to suffer grievous mishaps when I play guitar or sing in front of people.

0813. aviators

0814. my first college science class this semester.  I think I'm going to be getting through it only by the grace of God.

0815. being able to spend parts of both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve with my church family

0816. a mission Sunday this week--I'm so excited to hear about what everyone has been doing through missions in my church!

0817. finally having 1 Corinthians 1 memorized, and moving on to chapter 2!

0818. a new camera!!!!

0819. my little "family" of pets

0820. roses actually aren't that expensive!  Who knew?

1 comment:

tammy said...

We sure had a great time over the Holidays! Thanks for posting all you are thankful for! It is such an encouragement to me! Love you bunches!

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