20 random posts : : my favorite childhood memory

So, this is number 2 in my 20 random posts: my favorite childhood memory!  Let me tell you, it was hard to come up with.  This probably isn't my favorite childhood memory, but Rachel mentioned it when I was thinking about this post, and it is a really great memory of mine.

When Rachel and I were little, around 4 or 5 (Ellie was just a baby then), we would go outside together and gather as many bugs as we could.  Usually we would select a single type of bug to collect for the day: one days it was stinkbugs, then ladybugs, then caterpillars.  There was one horrible day when we actually caught a few bees in a jar, but that was a horrible day, not a good one, so I won't be elaborating on that.

* photo from weheartit.com *

There was one day when we had decided upon ladybugs.  We got an empty container, one of those giant animal cracker ones, and set off into the backyard.  Down by our swingset there are a bunch of plants where the ladybugs would like to gather, so we got down to business quickly.  I think we took turns: one of us would catch the ladybugs and put them in the jar, while the other would hold the container and keep the lid on so the ladybugs wouldn't fly out.  Finally, when we had pretty much gleaned all of the bugs we could, we shut the lid and tried to count them all.  This was obviously a terrible idea: there were so many of the bugs, they were literally covering the sides of the container, and as they kept moving they were a bit difficult to count.  But we counted at least 100, and as that was about as far as we could go, our powers in the counting realm having not yet been helped along by any schooling, we opened the jar and let the ladybugs go.

The End.

As a sort of side note, the next item on the list for the 20 random posts is how I met my spouse/significant other.  As I am entirely single at this point in my life, I'll be skipping that one! :) But stay tuned for number 4, when I talk about my dream job!


weekdate #011

1. Not a whole lot happened last week.  Rachel, Ellie, and I spent some time together before we started school--Rachel and I this week, and Ellie next week.

2. Friday was Rachel and I's 19th birthday!  Our family all went out for dinner at Macaroni Grill.  It was delicious!

3. My parents gave me some roses for my birthday.

4. And a friend of mine gave me a ring.  It's really beautiful. :)

5. Yesterday my classes for my sophomore year began.  I'm taking Anthropology 101, Spanish 2, Western Civilization 2, Introduction to Teaching, and I'm trying to get into Modern Music Appreciation 1.

These are only the books for two of my classes. :)

6. My only class that's in-class for now is Anthropology.  I'll be going for the Intro to Teaching, but that doesn't start for another few weeks.  My anthropology teacher is a trip; I have a feeling it'll be a very challenging class in terms of standing up for what I believe.



Today was me and Rachel's 19th birthday! 

Left to right: Rachel, Chloe, me, and Ellie

Happy birthday to us!


weekdate #010

1. This week I have been adjusting to being back home.  It's really strange to be back.  Everything at home is exactly the same as when I left, so it's almost like this summer never happened.

2. I'm back to sleeping normally in my own bed.  I woke up on Tuesday (?) and had no idea where I was, but otherwise it was a pretty easy transition.

3. On Monday Rachel, Ellie, and I went to ABQ for some shopping.  Santa Fe has nothing on ABQ when it comes to places to shop; it's nice to be back.

4. I took Ellie and Chloe to see Ice Age 4 this week too.  It was really good!  I'm not sure if that was the final movie of the series?  It seems like making a fifth would be going a bit too far.

5. On Thursday I went with Rachel to a Bible study in town.  It was really good!

6. On Friday Rachel, Ellie, and I went back up to Glorieta to see a friend of ours.  We all went to Santa Fe to the plaza again.

7. Saturday was the church Bible memorization meeting.  It was so good to see everyone, and encouraged me to renew my re-memorization of 1 Timothy.

8. I probably spent four days this week trying to write my 20 random things post.  It is hard thinking of 20 random things about myself!

9. Yesterday we had some really strange weather out here.  We actually saw a funnel cloud!  That is incredible for where I live since it's so mountainous.

10. I am so excited for my birthday this Friday!

 Hurray for my 400th post!


20 random posts : : 20 random things about me

Awhile back, during my time at Glorieta, I found a list of 20 things to blog about, and I thought it'd be fun to do!  Here's the first one.

20 Random Things about Myself

1. I am a very picky eater.  I don't like cheese, eggs, bananas, alfredo sauce, jam, tuna, or tomatoes.  I could probably think of more, but I'll leave it at that.

2. I don't like to talk on the phone.

3. I'm not satisfied with anything less than straight A's.

4. I sponsor two children through Compassion International, Djamsel and Majoie, and have one correspondence child, Cristian.

5. One of my favorite movie series is Ice Age.

6. I'd like to get married in the Glorieta prayer garden. :)

7.19 is my favorite number, which is awesome, 'cause I'm turning 19 on the 24th!

8. My favorites authors include Elisabeth Elliot, Randy Alcorn, Amy Carmichael, Josh Harris, and C. S. Lewis.

9. My goal in life is to serve as a missionary in India, preferably working with children at an orphanage or school.

10. I really enjoy writing songs.  Over the past 4ish years, I've written about 60.

11. My favorite flowers are carnations, tulips, and poppies

12. I'm technically 5 feet, 7 3/4 inches, but I just say 5'8 because that's so much easier!

13. One of my favorite worship songs is "I Will Praise Him Still".

14. I have a beta fish named Titus, a lab named Sal, and a cat named Hilda.

15. I've never had my own room. (didn't have a pic for this one!)

16. I love origami figures.  I used to be able to do some, and I really want to learn again!

17. I really enjoy touring art galleries, especially if they're free (Santa Fe is awesome for this!).

18. I've always wanted a pet turtle. :)

19. I've never broken a bone.

20. My favorite chapstick is peach mango.

*most of the pics are from weheartit.com


weekdate #009

1. After over two months, I'll finally be starting these weekdates again!  I'm home from Glorieta as of yesterday.

2. On Wednesday night I went out to dinner at Rooftop Pizzeria with two girls I worked with, and I went again on Friday with a bigger group of people.  It was delicious!

3. I worked from last Saturday till Thursday, had Friday off, and had my final day on Saturday.  On Saturday I learned how to de-shell and de-vein shrimp!

4. On Saturday night we had our staff banquet.  Everyone dressed up and we had dinner together.  We watched a slideshow that one of the guys on staff had made.

5. After the banquet on Saturday we all learned to square dance!  It was a lot of fun, if a bit confusing.

6. Sunday morning I woke up early to help some of my friends pack their cars and then see them off.

7. Since Rachel and I had all day to leave and only an hour to drive, we decided to head to Santa Fe one last time with a friend of ours.  We got to explore some art galleries (so amazing!), and then we just kind of wandered around the plaza.

7. After our last meal with the staff that's staying, we went to the prayer garden one last time.  I only went two times over the entire summer; I wish I had gone a lot more!

8. It was hard to sleep last night!  My bed at Glorieta faced a different way than mine at home does, and it was a lot harder.

9. Today I unpacked and got re-settled here at home.  Then tonight we had dinner together.

10. It's really hard to adjust to being home!  But I'll be used to it in a couple of days. :)
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