Last Thursday I graduated from high school at my church along with Rachel and three other teens from our church.  It was awesome!  Almost my whole family came, and it was so good to see all of them.  I wanted to post some pictures of the night.

The cake!

And cupcakes

my Aunt Lisa

a couple rows of family

my dad giving us graduates our "charge"

Ben getting his diploma and gifts from the church.

Deborah's turn

Rachel's turn

My parents talking about Rachel

My turn!

and Corey's turn

And a random picture that Ellie took of some grass.  I think it's a pretty cool pic.

Ascension Day

When Christ went up to Heaven the Apostles stayed
   Gazing at Heaven with souls and wills on fire,
Their hearts on flight along the track He made,
      Winged by desire.

Their silence spake: “Lord, why not follow Thee?
   Home is not home without Thy Blessed Face,
Life is not life. Remember, Lord, and see,
      Look back, embrace.

“Earth is one desert waste of banishment,
   Life is one long-drawn anguish of decay.
Where Thou wert wont to go we also went:
      Why not today?”

Nevertheless a cloud cut off their gaze:
   They tarry to build up Jerusalem,
Watching for Him, while thro’ the appointed days
      He watches them.

They do His Will, and doing it rejoice,
   Patiently glad to spend and be spent:
Still He speaks to them, still they hear His Voice
      And are content.

For as a cloud received Him from their sight,
   So with a cloud will He return ere long:
Therefore they stand on guard by day, by night,
      Strenuous and strong.

They do, they dare, they beyond seven times seven
   Forgive, they cry God’s mighty word aloud:
Yet sometimes haply lift tired eyes to Heaven—
      “Is that His cloud?”

-- Christina Rossetti

My Graduation Video


The Elemental Journal

As with the last book I posted a review about, I first wanted to get The Elemental Journal: Composing Artful Expressions from Items Cast Aside by Tammy Kushnir from Book Sneeze because of the beautiful cover design.  The Elemental Journal is a series of projects that show you how to use things like sticks, plastic, metal, fabric, yarn, etc. so make creative and beautiful pieces of art.  I'm not really the type to go through any of the projects featured in this book, but my sister is and I think it gave her some good ideas for using stuff that's just lying around for creative pieces of art.  While I didn't attempt to make any of the things featured in this book, I did enjoy looking through it.  I'm always amazed that people actually think up ways to use stuff like this.  Who knew sticks, feathers, and a few sprinkles of dirt could look so nice together?  Thanks to Book Sneeze for sending this to me and inspiring me!


Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #19

I'm thankful for:

0361. the book of Ruth

0362. Mary Slessor and what an inspiration she was

0363. having the opportunity to go see plays with my sisters

0364. getting paid!

0365. surprises (I LOVE surprises!)

0366. the color peach

0367. dahlias

0368. surprise parties

0369. a week that will probably be pretty peaceful

0370. graduating!

0371. financial aid to get me through college

0372. a graduating class of five!

0373. popcorn

0374. dollar movies

0375. books that bring back memories

0376. and pictures that bring back memories

0377. being done with my graduation slideshow (which I'll post on here after Thursday)

0378. His faithfulness

0379. great deals

0380. opportunities to reach out to people for Christ


How Great is Our God

On Sunday my dad was preaching a lot about how incredible God is, and mentioned this series by Louis Giglio.  I'd watched it a couple years ago, but I watched it again yesterday, and it's awesome!  I wanted to share it with you all.

Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #18

I'm thankful for:

0341. having fun at my job

0342. getting extra hours at my job

0343. Candles in the Dark by Amy Carmichael

0344. eating lunch in a park with friends

0345. shoes

0346. strength to stay on my feet for eight hours today

0347. memories

0348. having the opportunity to attend a conference last Saturday

0349. being able to look forward to seeing a bunch of my family at my graduation in a few weeks!

0350. "My Help Comes From the Lord" by The Museum

0351. home

0352. two awesome managers at McDonalds

0353. all the years I spent going through AWANA, and now being done!

0354. cupcakes

0355. earbuds

0356. tons of stuff to read

0357. useful graduation presents

0358. having a job that's not so far away that I spend my whole paycheck on gas

0359. all the incredible wonders God has made

0360. shelter from the wind
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