bumping my gums


- my science teacher wearing a cardigan.  I'm convinced he's an 80-year-old man trapped in a 35-year-old's body.  He also loves to say he's "bumping his gums", which means he's just talking.
- thinking I had two days to finish a paper and then realizing it's due tomorrow.  Cue panic!
- getting out of the car the other day, picking up my water bottle upside down, and dumping it all over my lap and inside the car.  Seriously, didn't this happen last week?  And then I was walking toward the front door and this huge gust of wind swept what seemed like half the snow on the roof blowing into my face so I was just stumbling along blindly, hoping I wouldn't trip and kill myself.  Just keeping it real, people. 
- accidentally sending a text to the wrong person, coincidentally the only person who would actually be offended by it. *facepalm* Friends, it was bad.  But the person I offended was so gracious--she took my accidental text (which she could have taken to mean "I hate you"; that's not what I meant, but she could have taken it that way) and was so sweet and kind about it.  Last time I'm ever speaking ill of anyone.  So that part of it's actually pretty awesome. 
- skipping math class last night.  It was a spur of the moment decision--I was already at school for Rachel's classes--and we were just pulling out of the parking lot, me rejoicing because I hadn't run into my teacher, and she took our parking spot.  She was smirking at me, too--she knew what I was up to. :(


- three days off school! Yay!!!  These four-day weeks are killing me...I'm such a lazy bum, used to just going two days.
- new followers even when I'm not trying to get my blog "out there".  Yay for results + no effort!
- writing inspiration.  If only it were November=Nanowrimo time.  I feel like inspiration just goes out the window during that month.
- finally figuring out how to do my math homework.  I'd been lost for days--finally coming to the light!
- not having a test today!!!  I so wasn't ready.
- this song--I never really liked Hawk Nelson before, but I really like this song!
- isn't this little video so cute?  It's the little prequel movie before Wreck-It Ralph. Aww.


L Conyers said...

I do love the awesome/awkward edition! My 4 year old dropped her water bottle- and CAUGHT it- by the top!! I so would have spilled it everywhere!

Congrats to you...you've been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Those were fun! I like the awkward/awesome posts... I've tried doing them before, but I guess I do do enough stuff in life to make any interesting awkward things! :) hehe!

The short was SOOOO Cute! I loved that!! :)

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