365 photography project : : week four

Tuesday // Updated the verse on my board of gratefulness--this is one of my favorites verses.

Wednesday // We saw one of these awesome circles around the moon the other night; it was so cool!

Thursday // My mom's new calendar from Voice of the Martyrs.

Friday // Forgot to take a pic, but here's one I took today.  Poor Jonah's light went out--the only light he's seen for a few days is from a lamp next to his tank.

Saturday // Forgot to take a pic again...Ellie gave me a bunch of new bracelets.

Sunday // I'm obviously very concerned with the organization of my school books.

Monday // I forgot to take a pic + my dad took my camera.  Then I forgot to even post this post.  This is the face I made when I realized all of this.  As a side note that I'm sure you all want to know, my nose twitches involuntarily when I make this face--it's a really weird feeling.

1 comment:

-Bess- said...

Just dropping by to say... hope your week gets better... so you can smile & not give the angry nose twitching face. =)

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