bucket list

I thought it would be fun to create a page like this.  It's just of some of the things I want to do before I die (I'm giving myself plenty of leeway and time to complete them all). :) If I remember, I'll try and put the dates of when these are accomplished up, and maybe post about them.  It should be fun!  I'll probably be adding to this list as I go, too.  Here we go!

* I don't usually take the time to go over this when I update it, so if you see any duplicates please let me know!  Thanks! :)

1. Graduate from college.
2. Write a classical piece on the piano.
3. Buy a car. - 9/14/13.
4. Work at an orphanage (as a teacher?).
5. Start an orphanage in India.
6. Blog every day for a whole month about the little things - completed throughout the month of December 2011.
7. Learn to drive a standard.
8. Stop popping my knuckles.
9. Take a couple of little girls out for a fancy tea.
10. Write a children’s book.
11. Sew a quilt (I guess I have to learn to sew first!).
12. Meet my Compassion children, Djamsel and Majoie and Cristian.
13. Go surfing.
14. Go skydiving.
15. Have lunch with a homeless person and share the gospel with them.
16. Take a cooking class.
17. Crochet a pair of fingerless gloves.
18. Learn to speak a different language.
19. Write a book book.
20. Meet one person who received a Bible that I sponsored through Bibles Unbound.
21. Rescue a dog from the pound.
22. Go on a really long road trip.
23. See the Atlantic Ocean.
24. Visit Williamsburg, Virginia.
25. Pray without ceasing.
26. Memorize 1 Corinthians.
27. Grow a rosebush so that I have enough roses for a bouquet.
28. Visit the Guggenheim.
29. Build a snow cave or fort.
30. Climb a tree.
31. Visit Ireland.
32. Play music at a nursing home.
33. Go on a summer mission trip during one of my summer breaks from college.
34. Decorate my own house (actually, I'd settle for my own room, but hopefully sometime over the course of my life I'll have a house). :)
35. Go see a Broadway musical.
36. Organize a family reunion.
37. Have a daughter named Ellen Lucille ("light") and a boy named Jacob Nathanael (my dad preached an awesome sermon about how these two were connected in the Bible, and it really made an impact on me.  Plus, I like both of these names and they sound good together).  Ellie and Jake. :) Don't worry, I have more.
38. Go to the Resolved conference at John MacArthur’s church. - turns out they actually canceled this conference after 2012, but at least I can listen to the sermons here.
39. Go swimming in a river.  I fell in a river once...does that count?
40. Attend a Victorian-style ball.
41. Buy a bouquet of roses and randomly give them to a woman I don't know.
42. Complete my Bibles Unbound goal of sponsoring 1000 Bibles. 
43. Take a week off from everything and just drive somewhere in the USA, but not having planned it beforehand (this will probably kill me from worry because I hate spontaneity, but I think it'd be fun in the end!).
44. Get married.
45. Adopt a child.
46. Journal every day for 3 months straight.
47. Visit an apple orchard and pick a basket full of apples. - 10/7/12
48. Score a goal in a soccer game.  I have before, but it's been so long, it'll be a momentous occasion when it happens again.
49. Buy my own camera and carry it with me everywhere throughout the course of a year--documenting my life.
50. Live to see my great-grandchildren.
51. Visit Alaska, see the Northern Lights, and go "mushing" (?).  With the sled dogs.  I'm not sure what that's called.  Sled-dogging? :)
52. Bike 20 miles straight.
53. Go to a drive-in movie.
54. Raft a class 5 rapid.  I've already done a class 4 and fallen out of the raft--what could a class 5 have in store for me?
55. Write a play.
56. Watch some baby turtles hatch and run for the ocean (I think I'd probably be the one running alongside them, protecting them from the vicious, life-threatening seagulls). :)
57. Attend one of those Civil War reenactment festivals.
58. Run a mile. 
59. Read all the books on my "to be read" shelf. 
60. Be in a wedding.  My sisters are basically responsible for making this one happen.
61. Take a dance class...because I want to dance at my wedding in a somewhat graceful manner and I can barely waltz.
62. Receive a bouquet of flowers. - 7/3/12
63. Spend an entire day without seeing another person.
64. Go camping.
65. Spend the night in a castle.
66. Attend a World Cup finale in person.
67. Travel on an overnight train.
68. Climb a mountain. - 11/16/13.
69. See Mt. Everest (I don't have any desire to climb that particular mountain).
70. Meet people from at least 50 countries (for now, I have 17/50: USA, Mexico, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Cameroon, South Korea, China, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Tanzania, Belize, Iraq, Kuwait, Bolivia, Togo, Indonesia).
70. Complete a 365 photography project. - Attempted throughout the first six weeks of 2013--better to try and fail than not try at all!
71. Have a baby.
72. Complete a DIY furniture project.  This'll probably need to wait until I have my own home, but that'll happen!  Someday.  I'm inspired by this post, but I'll probably tackle something a bit simpler first.
73. Go skiing.
74. Never be comfortable financially.  God will take care of it all, even when it feels like enough is not "enough". - definitely accomplishing this one lately, but obviously it's one that takes place over a lifetime.
75. Participate in a mud run.  Or something else mud related--I love that kind of thing.
76. Receive flowers from a man.
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