bumping my gums


- my science teacher wearing a cardigan.  I'm convinced he's an 80-year-old man trapped in a 35-year-old's body.  He also loves to say he's "bumping his gums", which means he's just talking.
- thinking I had two days to finish a paper and then realizing it's due tomorrow.  Cue panic!
- getting out of the car the other day, picking up my water bottle upside down, and dumping it all over my lap and inside the car.  Seriously, didn't this happen last week?  And then I was walking toward the front door and this huge gust of wind swept what seemed like half the snow on the roof blowing into my face so I was just stumbling along blindly, hoping I wouldn't trip and kill myself.  Just keeping it real, people. 
- accidentally sending a text to the wrong person, coincidentally the only person who would actually be offended by it. *facepalm* Friends, it was bad.  But the person I offended was so gracious--she took my accidental text (which she could have taken to mean "I hate you"; that's not what I meant, but she could have taken it that way) and was so sweet and kind about it.  Last time I'm ever speaking ill of anyone.  So that part of it's actually pretty awesome. 
- skipping math class last night.  It was a spur of the moment decision--I was already at school for Rachel's classes--and we were just pulling out of the parking lot, me rejoicing because I hadn't run into my teacher, and she took our parking spot.  She was smirking at me, too--she knew what I was up to. :(


- three days off school! Yay!!!  These four-day weeks are killing me...I'm such a lazy bum, used to just going two days.
- new followers even when I'm not trying to get my blog "out there".  Yay for results + no effort!
- writing inspiration.  If only it were November=Nanowrimo time.  I feel like inspiration just goes out the window during that month.
- finally figuring out how to do my math homework.  I'd been lost for days--finally coming to the light!
- not having a test today!!!  I so wasn't ready.
- this song--I never really liked Hawk Nelson before, but I really like this song!
- isn't this little video so cute?  It's the little prequel movie before Wreck-It Ralph. Aww.


365 photography project : : week four

Tuesday // Updated the verse on my board of gratefulness--this is one of my favorites verses.

Wednesday // We saw one of these awesome circles around the moon the other night; it was so cool!

Thursday // My mom's new calendar from Voice of the Martyrs.

Friday // Forgot to take a pic, but here's one I took today.  Poor Jonah's light went out--the only light he's seen for a few days is from a lamp next to his tank.

Saturday // Forgot to take a pic again...Ellie gave me a bunch of new bracelets.

Sunday // I'm obviously very concerned with the organization of my school books.

Monday // I forgot to take a pic + my dad took my camera.  Then I forgot to even post this post.  This is the face I made when I realized all of this.  As a side note that I'm sure you all want to know, my nose twitches involuntarily when I make this face--it's a really weird feeling.


from the darkness


- pretty much convinced that I have fleas.  They follow me everywhere.  But I have killed four today!  Yes!  There has been some not-so-subtle rejoicing with every murder.
- I put my water bottle in my purse after class, thinking it'd be okay, and it spilled everywhere.  It even soaked through the leather into my jeans.  But thankfully nothing was damaged.
- my bedroom is becoming more and more of a dungeon.  First Jonah's tank light went out, then the lightbulb in the lamp next to his tank burst.  It's so dark...I'm afraid!


- tried ramon noodles for the first time tonight--yum!
- quarks.  Quarks are awesome.  I learned about these little buggers in my science class last week.  On New Year's Eve we watched a movie at my church about creation and how everything's singing and praising God.  Watch this to get a taste of it!  Anyway, quarks are little tiny parts of protons and neutrons in an atom.  If you break open a proton, there are three quarks, and if you break open a quark, the leading theory says that there are little rhythms inside, little tiny sounds.  Isn't that awesome?  Even something that tiny is joining in the song of praise to the Lord. 
- my first science quiz was take-home!  Which is great because I would have been doomed if I'd had to do it in class--it's like a bazillion times harder than I'd expected! 
- the show Flashpoint.
- finally done with school for the week!



Fact - I don't like cheese. 
Before you ask "Well how do you knoooow?  Have you tried alllll of them?"
Of course not.  But I haven't encountered one yet that I like.  It's just...gross.  Melted, cold, drizzled, homemade.  Blegh.

Fact - I really get into romance.
I love reading people's love stories on their blogs, watching a good love story, reading a sappy novel, etc.
I was watching a sappy movie the other day and I actually teared up.  I'm ashamed of myself.
So I obviously felt the need to blog about it.

Fact - I pop my knuckles.
I know, it's terrible, it's gross, I'll have arthritis...
It's just such a hard habit to break!

Fact - My first and only boyfriend was Henry Borsick in second grade.
Here's our story:
 We were in the same class at school, and one day Henry walked over to me, looked at me adoringly, and asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
At seven years old a lot of ridiculous phrases sound like a good idea.
I stared up at him and replied (romantically, I thought), "I already am."
*dies laughing* 
My family moved several weeks later, and I guess Henry and I mutually broke up because I haven't heard from him since.

Fact - I'm a creepy blog stalker.
I love reading everything about people's past, looking at pics, etc.
But I never comment.  Yep, I'm the one responsible for all those views that you had no explanation for.  You've found me!

Fact - I am really optimistic.
I cry sometimes because I'm so happy.

Fact - I was homeschooled from 4th grade on.
And yes, I have friends, and I personally don't think I'm socially awkward.
I guess I wouldn't really know though...

Fact - I've only been to the hospital for an emergency once since my birth.
I was a yearish old and I ran into the corner of a wall and split my forehead open.
Hello 14 stitches!

There's a nice, awkward selfie.
See the scar?  It's just barely visible; I hadn't noticed how much it's faded.
But there's my one hospital visit story. 
Knock on wood.

Fact - I wear a lot of scarves.
They're warm and cozy and...I like them.


365 photography project : : week three

Tuesday // Forgot to take a pic, so here's another of Jonah--I think he's so cute when he's sleeping. :)

Wednesday // It's so cold here lately, so we always have a nice fire burning!

Thursday // Hello, 50 followers!

Friday // Just finished "Quest for Love"--such a good book!

Saturday // I had another good pic of Jonah...but I feel like I kind of overload on him quite a bit.  I like this pic for some reason; it's kind of strange.

Sunday // On my way out the door to see Les Miserables with my mom and sisters.

Monday // I actually went outside to take some pictures, per my goals for this month!


52 lists : : weeks 1 & 2

I saw this idea on a new blog I found where you write a list of specific things (given through a prompt by the blogger) just for fun.  I love lists, so I thought it'd be fun.  Not sure how faithfully I'll stick to it, but it'll be fun to give it a try.  Here's week 1 and 2.

Week 1

Week 2

20 random posts : : my life's theme

The prompt for this post was "If your life had a theme, what would it be?"

I couldn't help but think of this post that my former pastor once wrote--it's what I want my life to look like:

Life should NOT be a play-it-safe journey to the grave with the intention of leaving behind a hefty bank account, lots of toys and no broken bones but rather a skid in sideways--an empty wallet in one hand--God's Word in the other—my body thoroughly used up, totally worn out making much of Jesus and screaming, "Wow, What a Ride.
-- Mark Waite

If I had to give a theme for my life, it'd probably be learning.  Learning through my classes for my degree.  Learning more about God through my church and other Bible studies.  Mostly just learning about how to trust God.

A lot of times I find myself wondering where on earth I'm going.  Where am I going to get a job?  Where am I going to transfer to?  What's my goal with my education?  Where am I going after I graduate?

And I start freaking out because I just don't know!!!!!

And then I'm like, "Sarah, chill."

"take a chill pill," as Chloe would say.

He has it all under control.

Who knows.  But He does. 

* to read more from Pastor Mark, visit his blog
** photo from weheartit.com


weird childhood experiences

Sorry the focus kept blurring out a bit...I hope you enjoy this video talking about my childhood!  I had a lot of fun recording it.  Leave a comment below and tell me about a childhood experience that you remember!


my floor is dehydrated


- being so hungry...but it's not 5 PM yet, so I can't eat dinner.  Dinner must be after 5.
- being so afraid of falling off the treadmill at Planet Fitness, I'll never go faster than a quick walk.  I just know once I start running I'll trip and kill myself.
- buying Rachel a nice, big coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and then spilling it all over the car floor.  And then going back to get another one and seeing the same employees and being like, Yeah...I'm back.  Thought the floor looked...thirsty.
- having to pay $85 per test to get my teaching certification--and I have to take three!  I mean, why am I paying them?  They should be paying me.
- my science teacher not being able to cuss while he's teaching, so he says "gripes" all the time.  What are you, 80?
- dancing to a song while I'm driving, and then passing a police officer.  Don't worry, sir--both hands on the wheel, see?  While my feet are dancing.


- having my science teacher explain the certification process for teachers here, and making it sound so much simpler than if I'd just read all those pamphlets and going to an academic advisor.
- basically just my science teacher--his class is a blast.  I think he gets bored when he's teaching the basics of chemistry, which we're learning now, so he'll just shout randomly about insignificant bits of information.  In an atom there are PROTONS, NEUTRONS, AND ELECTRONS!  Some of my other favorite quotes from him: "I just love bumping my gums about CHEMISTRY!"  "Nobody write this down.  Seriously, DON'T WRITE IT DOWN!"  "When did geek become chic?"
- my math teacher's step-by-step instructions for doing our homework: "Step 1, find your book.  Step 2, open your book."
- MLK holiday on Monday.  No school!
- this video:


20 random posts : : my biggest life lesson (so far)

I'm coming into this post completely stumped.  It's been sitting as a draft for about two months.  And by draft I mean I wrote the title, and thought that was enough progress to let it go for awhile.  Ha!

My biggest life lesson...

I've had a really hard time narrowing it down, but I think I'd have to say that two lessons I am consistently, constantly learning are about hope and God's love.

I've always had a hard time figuring out how to hope in a way that honors God.  Do I actually tell Him what I want to happen in "fill-in-the-blank"?  Is that too bold?  And how do I actually hope when I keep reminding myself that "this" might not be His will, and it might not happen, and I still have to trust Him and be joyful then?

Yeah, I've thought about this a lot.

Over the years, I've learned a lot about hoping in God, but I'm also really confused about some of it.  I've learned that I will be okay if things don't work out like I want them to.  I've also learned that sometimes God allows me to see what things would be like if I actually got the thing I hoped for.  And I realize that I don't actually want it.  I think one of the most difficult things to do when trying to hope in a way that honors God is to hope only for pure things--only those that honor Him and will make both Him and you happy.

I remember there was one time specifically when I wanted to hope for something, but I was really afraid to.  I decided to write about it in my journal.  In my journal there's a verse at the bottom of every page, and the one on that page "just happened" (as if the Lord didn't know about it) to be Romans 15:13 - 

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And everything turned out to be okay.

The second thing I feel like I'm always learning is that God still loves me after all I've done.  I have failed Him time and time again, but it's really not about my failure--it's about Jesus' success.  And His love will never cease.

"I have loved you with an everlasting love"
Jeremiah 31:3

Now go be filled with hope and love. :)


let's resolve : : December '12 results + January '13

I almost didn't even remember this month's post for Let's Resolve--has it only been 15 days since new year's?  I feel like it's been ages.  Kinda nice, actually, since this year doesn't feel like it's flying by as fast as 2012 did!

1. Complete 1 Corinthians 1 and move on to chapter 2, along with reviewing 1 Timothy.  Sort of...  I finished 1 Corinthians 1, and then I moved on to Psalm 51 instead of 1 Corinthians 2.  And I didn't review 1 Timothy more than once...but once is better than nothing!

2. Write in my journal every day, focusing each day on a resolution from Jonathan Edwards.  I did pretty good with this at first, but ever since I started school again I've had a hard time keeping up with every day.  It's been nice to record a bit of almost every day, though!  And I've enjoyed going intensively through Jonathan Edwards' resolutions--he had such incredible discipline, and he was only my age!

3. Floss.  Every single day.  I think I only missed two or three days!

4. Read at least three good books.  I read "Tramp for the Lord" by Corrie ten Boom, "Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davis, and I'm more than halfway done with "Quest for Love" by Elisabeth Elliot, so I'm pretty proud of myself!  I also finished "All Quiet on the Western Front".  I really enjoyed it!  I'm not very good about reading classics, but I was glad I read this one.

5. Be in bed by midnight every night.  Overall I feel like I did pretty well on this.  There were a couple nights when I stayed up till 2, and then there were nights when I was in bed by 9.  Ever since school started I've definitely been doing great with this goal!

Here's my goals for January to February.

1. Finish memorizing Psalm 51 and move onto...something else.  I'm torn between Psalm 46 and 1 Corinthians 2.  We'll just see what happens!

2. Get up earlier on school days so I'll have time to do my devotions and pray before the day.  I often feel so rushed before we go out the door for the day, but I've found it really calms me to be able to read my Bible and lift up my day before the Lord before heading out.  I need to make this more of a priority!

3. Be disciplined in exercising.  Rachel and I signed up for Planet Fitness and we're going to try to go four days a week before classes.  It's so bitterly cold it's hard sometimes, but we need to do this!

4. Try to complete all my homework during my extra hours at school.  I have tons of extra time several days a week while I'm waiting for my classes to start, and I want to try to focus on getting my homework done then so I won't have to worry about it when I come home.  Also, I want to try to spend more quality time with my family with that extra time I'll have.

5. Get outside and take some pictures.  So far in my 365 challenge I've just stayed inside because it's so terribly cold!  This morning it was -11.  It only warmed up a little bit.  But I want to get outside and actually take some pics of nature.  There's only so many photographic inspirations indoors!

I feel like #5 is kind of a lame goal, but I couldn't really think of anything else.  Oh, well.  We'll see how I do with these!


365 photography project : : week two

Tuesday // I was exhausted after two days of school, looking ahead to two more...and I found myself lying on the floor.

Wednesday // I didn't take any pics.  I'm failing this challenge already!  But I just had a really awful day at school, and I've already come to accept that I'm not going to do this thing perfectly.  I took a bazillion pics already this month, so here's one of Jonah just for fun.  Did you know that if I take good care of him he could live for 40-85 YEARS!!!!  Yeah...I didn't know that either when I bought him.  He'll be my grandchildren's inheritance.

Thursday // This is what humidity does to my bangs!  I tried to get a smiling pic, but none of them looked right, so this is what you get.  This is my normal face--like when I'm just not smiling or frowning or anything--but Rachel says I look really angry.

Friday // My grandparents got Chloe these tulips for her birthday.  They're so beautiful!

Saturday // I'm not really sure what I think of this pic...my eye looks kinda weird.

Sunday // Chloe inspired me to paint my nails.  With "poll-nailish", as she calls it.

Monday // Yeah, this pic isn't great...but look at how much it was snowing!  On our way home I was just praying Rachel and I would make it home alive.  And now it's -2 here at home...balmy, right?


in which my professor plays with me at recess

Chloe's been cracking me up lately.  Here's some funny stuff she's been saying, as well as a memory.

She's started joking a lot and even using appropriate sarcasm.  It's hilarious!  She has also started learning how to beg more effectively--sad faces, making me laugh, etc.  So anyway, she was begging me to read her a book and she gave me her saddest face and said, "Please!  With sugar on top...and a cherry and a hundred chocolate milkshakes with zero cavities."  She's very concerned with her teeth.

Ever since I started school again this week, Chloe and I have been exploring the intricacies of college life in our conversations.  She was astonished yesterday, to the point of anger, that college students are not fed at school or given time to eat lunch.  She saw great injustice in this aspect of the system.

My science teacher is really strange, but lots of fun, and I've had a good time telling Chloe about him.  Tonight at dinner I was telling her about how he pretended to be a student on our first day of class.  He sat at one of the tables until our starting time, at which point he jumped up and shouted, "Ding-aling-aling!  That means class has started!"  I mean, really, who is this guy?

All that to say, Chloe loves this story.  After I'd told it to her again she looked at me in all seriousness and asked, "Does he play with you at recess?"  I'm sorry, I'm a horrible person and probably am not really helping to boost her self-esteem, but I couldn't help laughing.  I covered pretty well though.  She was further enraged to find out that college students don't even have recess.  I'm a real encouragement in her continuing her education.

I remembered another funny thing she did the other day.  Chloe was four years old, and we'd just come down from the store.  Chloe staggered in the house and said, "I'm so tired!  I think it's time for a nap."  My mom told her to take off her shoes and she exclaimed, "OK, OK!  How hard can you be?"  She chucked her shoes and coat on the floor, commenting again on how tired she was.  Then she spotted some cookies on the counter and said, "Maybe some cookies will help me."  She grabbed a handful, threw herself on the couch, and proceeded to eat.

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