365 photography project : : week two

Tuesday // I was exhausted after two days of school, looking ahead to two more...and I found myself lying on the floor.

Wednesday // I didn't take any pics.  I'm failing this challenge already!  But I just had a really awful day at school, and I've already come to accept that I'm not going to do this thing perfectly.  I took a bazillion pics already this month, so here's one of Jonah just for fun.  Did you know that if I take good care of him he could live for 40-85 YEARS!!!!  Yeah...I didn't know that either when I bought him.  He'll be my grandchildren's inheritance.

Thursday // This is what humidity does to my bangs!  I tried to get a smiling pic, but none of them looked right, so this is what you get.  This is my normal face--like when I'm just not smiling or frowning or anything--but Rachel says I look really angry.

Friday // My grandparents got Chloe these tulips for her birthday.  They're so beautiful!

Saturday // I'm not really sure what I think of this pic...my eye looks kinda weird.

Sunday // Chloe inspired me to paint my nails.  With "poll-nailish", as she calls it.

Monday // Yeah, this pic isn't great...but look at how much it was snowing!  On our way home I was just praying Rachel and I would make it home alive.  And now it's -2 here at home...balmy, right?

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-Bess- said...

Don't worry I'm failing my own challenge already, too... but then I remember I don't have to be {nor can be} perfect, so it's okay {well, actually I only remember this after a smallish pity party}. That's so funny about the turtle... "Look what grandma left us! It's her turtle!" My grandma collected turtle figurines, etc. when she was alive {but never had a live one that I know of}. Praying for your school to be smooth & blessed. Just breathe & remember you CAN do this! =)

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