my floor is dehydrated


- being so hungry...but it's not 5 PM yet, so I can't eat dinner.  Dinner must be after 5.
- being so afraid of falling off the treadmill at Planet Fitness, I'll never go faster than a quick walk.  I just know once I start running I'll trip and kill myself.
- buying Rachel a nice, big coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and then spilling it all over the car floor.  And then going back to get another one and seeing the same employees and being like, Yeah...I'm back.  Thought the floor looked...thirsty.
- having to pay $85 per test to get my teaching certification--and I have to take three!  I mean, why am I paying them?  They should be paying me.
- my science teacher not being able to cuss while he's teaching, so he says "gripes" all the time.  What are you, 80?
- dancing to a song while I'm driving, and then passing a police officer.  Don't worry, sir--both hands on the wheel, see?  While my feet are dancing.


- having my science teacher explain the certification process for teachers here, and making it sound so much simpler than if I'd just read all those pamphlets and going to an academic advisor.
- basically just my science teacher--his class is a blast.  I think he gets bored when he's teaching the basics of chemistry, which we're learning now, so he'll just shout randomly about insignificant bits of information.  In an atom there are PROTONS, NEUTRONS, AND ELECTRONS!  Some of my other favorite quotes from him: "I just love bumping my gums about CHEMISTRY!"  "Nobody write this down.  Seriously, DON'T WRITE IT DOWN!"  "When did geek become chic?"
- my math teacher's step-by-step instructions for doing our homework: "Step 1, find your book.  Step 2, open your book."
- MLK holiday on Monday.  No school!
- this video:

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