from the darkness


- pretty much convinced that I have fleas.  They follow me everywhere.  But I have killed four today!  Yes!  There has been some not-so-subtle rejoicing with every murder.
- I put my water bottle in my purse after class, thinking it'd be okay, and it spilled everywhere.  It even soaked through the leather into my jeans.  But thankfully nothing was damaged.
- my bedroom is becoming more and more of a dungeon.  First Jonah's tank light went out, then the lightbulb in the lamp next to his tank burst.  It's so dark...I'm afraid!


- tried ramon noodles for the first time tonight--yum!
- quarks.  Quarks are awesome.  I learned about these little buggers in my science class last week.  On New Year's Eve we watched a movie at my church about creation and how everything's singing and praising God.  Watch this to get a taste of it!  Anyway, quarks are little tiny parts of protons and neutrons in an atom.  If you break open a proton, there are three quarks, and if you break open a quark, the leading theory says that there are little rhythms inside, little tiny sounds.  Isn't that awesome?  Even something that tiny is joining in the song of praise to the Lord. 
- my first science quiz was take-home!  Which is great because I would have been doomed if I'd had to do it in class--it's like a bazillion times harder than I'd expected! 
- the show Flashpoint.
- finally done with school for the week!

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Hannah M. said...

Praise the Lord for good things! You just now tried Ramen?! Isn't it delicious? And unhealthy, but delicious nevertheless! :) Miss you, Sarah!

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