in which my professor plays with me at recess

Chloe's been cracking me up lately.  Here's some funny stuff she's been saying, as well as a memory.

She's started joking a lot and even using appropriate sarcasm.  It's hilarious!  She has also started learning how to beg more effectively--sad faces, making me laugh, etc.  So anyway, she was begging me to read her a book and she gave me her saddest face and said, "Please!  With sugar on top...and a cherry and a hundred chocolate milkshakes with zero cavities."  She's very concerned with her teeth.

Ever since I started school again this week, Chloe and I have been exploring the intricacies of college life in our conversations.  She was astonished yesterday, to the point of anger, that college students are not fed at school or given time to eat lunch.  She saw great injustice in this aspect of the system.

My science teacher is really strange, but lots of fun, and I've had a good time telling Chloe about him.  Tonight at dinner I was telling her about how he pretended to be a student on our first day of class.  He sat at one of the tables until our starting time, at which point he jumped up and shouted, "Ding-aling-aling!  That means class has started!"  I mean, really, who is this guy?

All that to say, Chloe loves this story.  After I'd told it to her again she looked at me in all seriousness and asked, "Does he play with you at recess?"  I'm sorry, I'm a horrible person and probably am not really helping to boost her self-esteem, but I couldn't help laughing.  I covered pretty well though.  She was further enraged to find out that college students don't even have recess.  I'm a real encouragement in her continuing her education.

I remembered another funny thing she did the other day.  Chloe was four years old, and we'd just come down from the store.  Chloe staggered in the house and said, "I'm so tired!  I think it's time for a nap."  My mom told her to take off her shoes and she exclaimed, "OK, OK!  How hard can you be?"  She chucked her shoes and coat on the floor, commenting again on how tired she was.  Then she spotted some cookies on the counter and said, "Maybe some cookies will help me."  She grabbed a handful, threw herself on the couch, and proceeded to eat.

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