31 Days of Song, Day #31

It's the last day!  I'm glad that I'm done with this, but kind of sad at the same time!  I think two of the things I've learned most over this past month is: (1) music is a critical part of Christmas, if just simply by bringing to mind the fact that God became a man and by turning our thoughts to Him; (2) the truths of Christmas continue throughout the entire year--just because December is over doesn't mean these songs and that story are meaningless.  If anything, it's all more important to remember throughout the year!

I honestly kind of ran out of songs towards the end of the month.  It's hard to come up with 31 good Christmas songs!  However, in light of my last point in the paragraph above, I actually found a song that sings about just that!

And that's a wrap! (till next year, at least)

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