31 Days of Song, Day #23

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Hurray!

Today I got the day off from work because we got another foot of snow and the roads are terrible and no one's going to be going out to eat anyway today.  It's so slow they didn't need me, which is great!

Yesterday I discovered Joy - An Irish Christmas by Keith and Kristyn Getty, and I love it!  This couple does such great renderings of any song they come to, and their Christmas CD is no exception.  I already posted on song yesterday, and I have two more I want to include before this month is over.  The one I chose for today is "O Savior of Our Fallen Race".  Originally it's a 6th century Latin carol, but the Gettys made some alterations to it "with the aim of turning the song into a missional prayer that emphasizes the return of Christ."  Enjoy!

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