31 Days of Song, Day #12

I'm so thankful for Mondays.  Mondays are my day off from school, work, etc.  I save this day, usually, so I can get all the rest of my homework done and get ready for another busy week.

I mentioned this song a few days ago.  It's my favorite song from Sovereign Grace's Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man.  Enjoy!

We have come today to worship
We have come to praise the One
Who came down into our darkness
Born a lowly virgin’s son
You who did not come with splendor
Pomp and strength and majesty
You who came to us in weakness
Born to us in poverty

Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel
In You alone we hope and trust
Jesus, Savior, God with us

We were blind and lost and godless
Wandering a trackless waste
Then hope arose, a glorious beacon
Like the star the wise men chased
Down from heaven came a Savior
Born a child, so small and frail
Taking up our pain and troubles
Conquering where we had failed

You who with a word created
Sun and moon and seas and sand
Lay there sleeping in a manger
Cradled by Your mother’s hand
You who made the mighty forests
Would lie down upon a tree
Fastened there with nails for sinners
Would bleed and die to set us free 

-- Mark Altrogge

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