31 Days of Song, Day #3

To start off, I am just having a great time looking through old and new Christmas songs for this series!  I really like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."  Christmas music is so much fun!

The song for today is "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" by The Transiberian Orchestra.  I can't post it on here, but if you go here you can listen to it and watch the awesome video.

This is my 300th post!  Hurray!  I guess that's my little thing for today.  Also, I've been really encouraged by "The Journals of Jim Elliot" today.  He was so good at trusting God for everything.

As a side note, it'd be great if anyone had any suggestions for songs I could do over the course of December?  I don't really have a whole lot so far, so if you could tell me what your favorite Christmas song is, that'd be great!

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tammy said...

What a cute video!

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