Regeneration 2011, Day #4

On the morning of our fourth day at Regeneration I wasn't feeling very well, so I skipped breakfast, got some pop tarts from the vending machine, and slept for an extra hour and a half.  It was really nice, and I felt a lot better afterwards.  I didn't go to the prayer garden that day, but had a good time doing my devotions indoors.

Our first session for that day was with John MacArthur and the topic was the conscience.  I'm not sure why, but I didn't really like that sermon.  It seemed too focused on man, and not on God.  Maybe I wasn't listening well enough, though, because everyone else loved it. :)

After lunch we went to our team game time.  Our first game was sort of like ultimate frisbee.  We had to throw a football to our teammates, and the person who caught it couldn't take more than three steps before throwing it to someone else.  Each team had a goal, and the opposite team would try to knock down a ball that was placed on top of a pole in order to score a point.  Sandman won that game too. :) We failed miserably at our second game, however.  This game was called Kajavikankan (who knows why).  Each team would have eight girls from their team link up with eight girls from the opposite team.  Your teammates would be every other girl, with the opposite team interspersed between, and each person was connected to the two on their sides by holding a piece of rope.  The object was to work together with one's team and try to drag a person from the opposite team into a trash can.  If they touched it at all, they were out.  Sandman was crushed during this game, which wasn't all that fun, but it was still fun to watch.  Just not fun to play. :)

I slept a lot for our free time during that day because I was exhausted, and then headed to our night session.  This one was with John MacArthur too.  He based his sermon on 2 Timothy 2:1-8.  This was probably my favorite sermon of the week because it was so applicable to one's life.  MacArthur's message was basically that we as believers are to be teachers, soldiers, athletes, and farmers (figuratively speaking) and thus glorify God.  We teach, we fight, we run, and we sow all for God's glory.  This sermon was excellent!

After our night session we had another night game, X-Treme Steal the Bacon.  This game is the most well-known game at Regeneration because it is definitely the most intense.  It is the only time when all the teams are against each other all at once.  The teams all come together and make a circle around about seven kiddie pools filled with water and objects that are the "bacon".  A few people are chosen from each team (for instance, they would call out "All senior girls," and all the girls who were seniors from each team would play in that round) and everyone has about two or three minutes in which to get as many items as they can from their pools and across their team line.  The bigger the object, the more points you get.  Six kiddie pools were set in a circle, and in the center, on top of several hay bales to elevate it, was the seventh kiddle pool where the items with the biggest point value were kept.  This game was awesome!  Glorieta was actually able to get two fire trucks to come and douse us all with the fire hoses (very cold!).  Apparently there were many, many injuries as a result of this game last year, and so it was made safer by surrounding all the pools with a circle of hay bales that we had to leap over.  This definitely helped slow us down, but it could still be pretty dangerous.  It was fun though!  You can catch a glimpse of it here.  You can see a bunch of the games from seconds 35-1:15, but zero in on 1:00-1:15 to watch our night game!

And that was it for day four!

After playing the rope game.

Playing soccer in the rain.

X-Treme Steal the Bacon!!!!!!

That's what it looked like when everyone who had been chosen for that round went running as fast as they could into the center of the circle.  Pretty intense!

Very blurry, but you can kind of see how it was.

The fire hose getting us all wet!

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