Regeneration 2011, Day #3

 On our third day at Regeneration I went to the prayer garden again, back to my previous spot, and had some more wonderful fellowship with the Lord.

Instead of our morning session that day we had a couple choices for some breakout sessions that we could take.  Out of ten, we were able to choose two to go to.  Our choices were: "Studying Your Bible for Life" by Austin Duncan, "Their Lives Depend On It" by Andrew Gutierrez, "Facebook to Friendships" by Chris Hamilton, "Romeo and Juliet" by Rick Holland, "Directionally Challenged" by Jon Rourke, "Reasons We Believe" by Nathan Busenitz, "Christ and Culture" by Joe Keller, "Live Like You're Dying" by Abner Chow, "Listening for Life" by Ken Ramey, and "Fighting for Joy" by Adam Tyson.  Aren't those hard choices?!  I had such a difficult time in choosing, but I finally decided on "Live Like You're Dying" and "Their Lives Depend On It".

The first one I went to was "Live Like You're Dying" by Abner Chow.  It wasn't what I would have expected it to be, judging from the title, but it was still really good.  Abner basically took the entire Bible and comprised it into a love story, with Jesus being the Hero and the Groom, chasing after His Bride, the Church.  It was really an escatology class; again, not what I would have expected from the title, but I still really enjoyed it.

Second was "Their Lives Depend On It" by Andrew Gutierrez.  Andrew is the high school pastor for Grace Community Church, and I was really looking forward to hearing him speak.  I was not disappointed!  His class was on evangelization and gave us the whys and hows to telling people about Jesus.  The whys were: (1) it's a matter of obedience, (2) it's a matter of their suffering, and (3) God deserves their praise.  The hows were: (1) know what you're talking about, (2) be on fire, (3) live a transformed life, (4) be intentional, (5) start the conversation, (6) listen, (7) use tact, (8) leave with the gospel being clear, (9) stick to the gospel, (10) endure, and (11) understand that when they are saved your job is not done.  His passion for evangelization really inspired me!

After our breakout sessions we had lunch, and then had our team games.  That day we walked about half a mile to a field way far away and first played a sort of dodgeball game that was not fun at all and seemed completely pointless.  Afterwards, however, we got to play a mud game (!!!).  It was very complicated, but basically you tried to get as many of your team's objects into one of four trash cans per round.  Our team, Sandman, completely dominated that game!  The sad thing was that only sixteen guys or girls (this wasn't a co-ed game) per team could play at a time, so I didn't get to actually play the game, but we had a blast sliding in the mud afterwards!  I've always wanted to do a mud game, so this was like a dream come true. :)

That afternoon during free time I went canoeing with one of the girls from my youth group.  It was actually really fun, even though I usually don't like stuff like that that's over bodies of water.  The evening session was the first time we heard John MacArthur preach.  His sermon that evening was from John 15:1-11 and on how to determine whether you are bearing fruit, being pruned, or whatnot, and also how to bear more fruit.  It was very good.

That evening instead of having a night game we had a concert by Jimmy Needham!  I was way too exhausted to stay for it, but Rachel and Ellie did and said it was great.  And that's all for day three!



This is what we all looked like after the mud game.  So much fun!

These were the balls for Sphere of Destruction.  I forgot to post this for day #2.

Jimmy Needham!

I also wanted to post this awesome song that I found yesterday.  I love it!


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