Let's go Explora!

Today my family got to have a special day.  We all went to the children's museum, Explora, here in Albuquerque, and then my mom, sisters, and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  It was really fun!  I just love the museum; it's so much fun and very interesting.  Here's some pictures of it.

Yellow doors!

We had such a great time playing with these mirrors that distort your body. :)

They have this huge elevator with couches and chairs.  It's as big as a real room.

I find this picture deeply disturbing.

Our fat little family. ;D

I also wanted to share this song that I've just fallen in love with.  Enjoy!


tammy said...

What a fun day we had! So much fun with my sweet hubby & girlies!

Bekah said...

Beautiful photos! And "Light Up the Sky" has been a song I hold onto for its truth and encouragement, one of my favorites!

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