Regeneration 2011, Day #2

On our second day at Regeneration I woke up at 5:30, which was much too early, not just because it was, well, it was 5:30, but I didn't need that much time.  That wasn't very fun, especially because we weren't even allowed to go out of our rooms until 7.  I did my devotions and read a little bit of the book I brought but mostly I was just waiting for everyone to wake up.  Finally they did, and we all went to breakfast around 7:30ish.

Our first session didn't start 'til 9, so a couple of us girls went back to our rooms and got our Bibles and journals so we could go to the prayer garden.  We didn't have a whole lot of time once we got there because the prayer garden was at least half a mile from our dorms, if not farther, but we spread out in the prayer garden to do our devotions.

The Glorieta prayer garden is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  For starters, it's huge, and you can also see that there is so much love and care that goes into making it a place of peace.  It reminds me of Psalm 23:2 - "He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters."

I found a place surrounded by hedges because I really like to be completely alone for my devotions.  I sat there for awhile and prayed and listened to the wind in the aspen leaves.  I read some more out of my Bible and wrote in my journal, and I wrote a song that morning.  I'm going to intersperse the lyrics between the photos in a minute.  But just know that I loved doing my devotions in the prayer garden, far as it was from the dorms. :)

At 9:30 we were supposed to have our second session, the first one with Rick Holland, but the electricity was off so the mikes wouldn't work, and so instead we had our first game time for the week.  We played Nine Square and Sphere of Destruction.  I think we won both of them.  They were really fun!

After games we had lunch, and then most of our group went to our second session because the electricity was finally working.  I missed that one because one of the girls in my room had a migraine and I stayed with her.  I took a nap and read my book, and once the rest of our group came back she was recovered.

We had free time from 3:15-5:00 every day, and then dinner was from 5-7.  At 7 we had our third session, the second one with Rich Holland.  His lesson was on fighting sexual sin, and I really enjoyed it.  He's a passionate, funny teacher with more passion than fun.  It's a good balance.

After that we had small groups, and break for half an hour, and then we played a night game.  It was kind of like Underground Church.  We had to go find our base (as Team Sandman we were a Villain team, so we had to find the Villain base) somewhere in the forest, and then break off into smaller bases.  I did not handle that game well at all, and ended up having to go back to the dorms before the game was over.  Forest + darkness + me = does not mix.  The Villains were completely defeated in that game, but we conquered by the end of the week!  After that game we went to bed.

Alone at last
Free from all other distractions
Just here with You
Being still
But how can I breathe
When Your glory, it overwhelms me?
I am still
And I, I hear Your whispers in the trees.

A gift from You
Flesh when before there was stone
And life from You
In this new heart
But how can I speak
When Your love, it overwhelms me?
Here with You
And I, I hear Your whispers in the trees.

Peace from You
Knowing that You are the Lord
Resting now
In Your arms
How can I give enough thanks
When You took up my grave?
I am free
And I, I hear Your whispers in the trees.

Inside the chapel for one of our sessions.

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