Blind Bartimaeus

Blind Bartimaeus at the gates
Of Jericho in darkness waits;
He hears the crowd—he hears a breath
Say, “It is Christ of Nazareth!”
And calls, in tones of agony,
“Jesus, have mercy now on me!”

The thronging multitudes increase;
Blind Bartimaeus, hold thy peace!
But still, above the noisy crowd,
The beggar’s cry is shrill and loud;
Until they say, “He calleth thee!”
“Fear not, arise, He calleth thee!”

Then saith the Christ, as silent stands
The crowd, “What wilt thou at My hands?”
And he replies, “O give me light!
Rabbi, restore the blind man’s sight!”
And Jesus answers, “Go in peace,
Thy faith from blindness gives release!”

Ye that have yes, yet cannot see,
In darkness and in misery,
Recall those mighty Voices Thee,
“Jesus, have mercy now on me!
Fear not, arise, and go in peace!
Thy faith from blindness gives release!”

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

1 comment:

Bekah said...

What a beautiful poem, and a great worship focus for the day!

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