decorating for Christmas!

Tonight we decorated the house for Christmas!  We had such a good time, even if we did all reek of dust afterwards.  Enjoy the pics!

Ellie decided to take a break and practice her handstands.

Chloe set up her toy horses to pull the sleigh.

I got this ornament years ago when I was obsessed with Little Women.  This is Beth March.  I used to have Meg, but she broke. :(


-Bess- said...

Love this! Ah, My Little Ponies pulling Santa's sleigh - perfection! =) And what girl wasn't obsessed with Little Women at some point? Well, I don't know, probably lots, but I love it myself, too. I still want to be Jo. =)
Merry Christmas,

PrincessR said...

Ahh!! How fun!!! All the pictures are GREAT! Ellie doing her handstand was fabulous. :D Fun, fun, fun!


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