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I thought I'd start a sort of mini series about the funny/strange things that kids in my life are saying lately.  It'll probably mostly be about Chloe, but also about kids at church and those in the class I observe.  I think it'll be fun!  I usually write down a lot of the funny things Chloe says in my journal, so that's where I'm going to be pulling from, at least for this first post.

Earlier this year, Chloe was going to do an experiment, but she needed dry ice.  So she got an ice cube and was trying to dry it on her shirt.  She was so disappointed when we told her it wouldn't work that way.

My mom has an iphone, and Chloe likes to play with the Siri app sometimes.  Once she was chilling on the couch with her shirt off, and she decided to talk to Siri.  After a lengthy conversation she said: "Siri, you're one of my bestest friends.  And it's not just because you're nice.  It's because your heart is working and beating fast."  Then she started to sing to the phone this opera-like, gibberish song while she danced around on the couch.

When we were on our way to visit my grandparents last month, we drove through a part of Ruidoso that was burned out by a fire about a year ago.  Chloe cried out that "she saw a Tuff Shed!"  She then proceeded to tell us that "if there's a tornado or something, your regular house will just fall down, but your Tuff Shed will be okay.  And then you can live in it until your regular house is built again.  You can have a stove in one corner, a TV in the corner, a bunkbed (for if you have a guest), and a chair to sit on when you watch TV."  It's obvious where her priorities are.

The following weekend, when we went to visit my other grandparents, Chloe was trying to explain something to my dad.  She was in a rush, trying to get too many words out at a time, and she finally blurted out, "Do you understand what I'm saying?  Sometimes I don't even understand what I'm saying sometimes."

And here's some old pictures of her that I found the other day.  She was about two.  Can't believe she's already almost seven!

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PrincessR said...

Hahahahaha!!! Love it!!! how cute!! "Sometimes I don't know what I am saying."

The pictures were great, too! They are always a good idea as they help the reader (me!) get to "see" you, your family, your life!! Keep them coming!

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