I break things

I'm spending today rushing to complete all my final projects that are due by midnight.  I have a massive paper to write that I thought was due on Friday, but I found out yesterday that it's actually due today.  Oh yeah.  I'm on top of things like that.

Of course, it's always at times like these, when I have no time, that I have new inspiration for a song.  But for that I'll make time, because it's there one moment, and then it's gone.  These darn finals will stick with me and wait till I'm done.

This is how my mom handles me breaking all the toothbrush holders.  Seriously, I break all of them.  This is the perfect solution.  Not so easily breakable, far away from the edge.  Me-proof.

Have a great Wednesday!  Hopefully it's more relaxing than mine is. :)

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-Bess- said...

You'll make it! I remember those days well - late nights/early mornings, going to class SO tired. But, actually, looking back those were the "good old days" - the real word isn't as lovely as school days {in my opinion}. Praying for you during the busy days of college!

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