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I had so much fun this month working through my goals and keeping them in mind a little bit every day!  So, on to how I did.

1. Get a job.  Nope.  Still unemployed.  And I'm really unsure about still looking around and applying because my school schedule for next semester is going to be busier than it's ever been--going four days a week instead of two.  But we'll see what happens.

2. Make a craft.  Sort of...  I made this scarf after seeing this tutorial, and I really love it!  But my dad said it didn't really count since it was only sewing a piece of fabric together at the ends.  To which I say, it was certainly a feat for me!  I'd never even used the sewing machine before.  But I am planning on actually making some Christmas presents for my family sometimes next week, so yes, I'll have made a craft, even if it is a few days late.

3. Cook something.  Again, sort of.  I made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but that's so simple, I don't really know if I'd count it.  I'm going to try and start cooking more, though; it's actually not as bad as I thought it'd be.

4. Write Christmas letters to all of my Compassion children.  Yes!

5. Finish memorizing 1 Corinthians 1.  This chapter has been giving me grief.  I have made so much progress, but I'm not quite finished with it.  The way I memorize is that I just read through the chapter once every day during my devotions.  Memorizing individual verses never really worked for me; I had a hard time sticking everything together.  Usually I take about a month for each chapter, but this one's a bit longer than the others I've memorized.  I'll be done soon though!

And now on to my goals for December and into January.  I'm going to make a separate post with my resolutions for 2013 at the beginning of January.  These are just my smaller goals for this specific month.

1. Complete 1 Corinthians 1 and move on to chapter 2, along with reviewing 1 Timothy.  When I'm in the middle of memorizing a new chapter, I often let other chapters slip, so I'm going to try to do both at once.

2. Write in my journal every day, focusing each day on a resolution from Jonathan Edwards.  This will take me more than two months--there are 70 resolutions--but over this first month I want to try and work on consistency.  I've been doing it for a few days now, and I really like it!  It's nice being able to go through these resolutions one by one.  They're so powerful!

3. Floss.  Every single day.  I am usually very consistent about this, but I skip a day or two here and there.  I want to try and stop doing that because my new insurance plan doesn't cover dental, so who knows when I'll be getting my teeth looked at again!  I want to keep them healthy, as much as is in my power to do so.

4. Read at least three good books.  I want to stay busy while I'm out of school, and I figure this is a good way to start.  I'm going to try and finish "Tramp for the Lord" and "The Cost of Discipleship", and then I'll find something else.  By "good" I mean "edifying".  I'm reading "All's Quiet on the Western Front" too, but that's not really edifying.  I'm going to try and finish it, but I also want to read something else that's better for me spiritually.

5. Be in bed by midnight every night.  My time at Glorieta murdered my previously awesome (= responsible) sleeping schedule.  I want to get back on track with it again, especially since I have an 8:30 class next semester and I don't want to fall asleep.  Or die. :)

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