this is the story of Dec. 20

Today was...a day.

Is it pathetic that I just had to blog about it?

It all started when I was trying to sew a Christmas present for someone, who shall remain nameless in case they read this.  BUT, seeing as this was really my first time ever actually using the sewing machine--and by using I mean hardcore use, not just a little patch job--something had to go wrong, right?

This particular sewing job ended up taking WAY more time than I had anticipated.  And I was so close to the end!  I could taste freedom!  And then I realized I needed to take out a whole bunch of stitching so I could sew something on that I should have sewed first before sewing the aforementioned part.

I am just so easy to understand late at night.

But no matter.  I sang along to this song while I took out the stitching, and moved on to sew the next part.

Now, understand, I'm completely new to this.  I can't even thread the machine without my mother's assistance.  So, I forgot to take out one of the pins.  And I said to myself, No matter.  I'll just shove it on through.  Everything will be fine.

But then it jammed, and I realized this wasn't going to work.  So I decided to start over at the beginning.  And that's when I discovered...that the needle was gone.

Heavens above, I've broken my mother's sewing machine.

Apparently I didn't actually break it, but the needle was indeed gone.  So I decided to give up for the day and continue tomorrow.

Tonight has just been one fright after another.  To start with, I was sitting on the couch, just minding my own business and listening to my music, when suddenly my old, feeble dog jumps up off the floor and starts barking like a maniac.  Scared the living daylights out of me.  Also, both of my sisters had suddenly disappeared, so I just knew that he was warning me that someone was kidnapping them.  But, turns out he was only dreaming.  Couldn't he dream a little more quietly?

I'd finally calmed myself down from that ordeal, got my music going again, when suddenly I hear this strange noise near me.  I look up, and Ellie's dog is freaking out this time, gagging and heaving all over the place.  I got up so fast to let him out, I dropped my laptop on the floor.  I succeeded in getting him outside before he threw up all over the floor, but by this time I had so much adrenaline rushing through me I was pretty much hysterical.  I almost collapsed on the floor.

My laptop's okay.  My nerves, however are shot.

Hope this made you laugh.


Hannah M. said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah, what a day, HAHA! Hope you don't mind if I giggled a time or two!

PrincessR said...

Hahahaha!! Sarah, you remind me of another lovely Sarah that I know... you both freak out rather quickly! Ask for a couple of stories next time we see you....... :D

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