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Bethany over at Love the Grows has this series called "Our Little Secret", and I thought it'd be fun to link up with her and do it too!  My favorite blogs are those ones that talk about the funny little things that happen in day to day life with the right amount of sarcasm and irony, so I thought I'd try to do that more.  Hope you enjoy this post. :)

Sometimes I'm unsure about what I'm really doing with this blog.  Does it have a future?  Do I want to just start over?  I'm thinking of changing some things in the coming year--we'll see!

Sometimes I just live in hoodies and sweat pants all winter.  I wake up, take a shower, put the hoodie on, and then wear it all day.  Then I sleep in it.  And if my sweat pants are dirty...I'll wear my snow pants.  Hey, there's no shame here.  Honesty builds...blogging relationships?

Some mornings, when I'm sleeping and wearing said hoodie, I'll put the hood over my head and roll over on my stomach in the hopes that maybe my mother will think I've gone on to be with the Lord and will cover me with another blanket.  Rest in peace.  Oh, I'll be resting in peace then--I'll finally be warm!  It's just so stinkin' cold here!

Lately I really like harmonizing.  I always used to just sing melody to everything, but I've found that harmonizing is really fun and can sound really beautiful!  But you know how there are those times when you just cannot figure out the tune to a song or, in this case, the harmony.  When I'm driving alone I like to belt out whatever song comes on the radio, and sometimes I just cannot find the right note.  It sounds like this: high, a little lower, even lower than that so it sounds like I'm competing with the bass, and then really high so it sounds like I'm screeching or getting murdered.  Anyone who's not with me during those times should be thankful.  Poor Chloe.  She's the only one I'm willing to sing with in the car, so she'll get the full brunt of this singing disaster.  I just know she's wondering what on earth is going on.  She used to sing so pretty; what's happening?!  Well, she's definitely getting old.  That must be it...

There are nights when I go to let my old dog, Sal (the one who scared me last night?!), in at night and I can't find him.  I'll frantically check the garage, the backyard, and the front yard, and then repeat all of that.  And just as I start crying in the front yard, accepting the fact that he's died, he comes running up to me, wagging his tail like everything's okay.  So then I'll cry a little more and give him a hug before ordering him to get inside because he just gave me a heart attack!

I have a habit of playing with my hair.  I run my fingers through it constantly, and when I'm really bored I'll study the ends and pick off the split ends.  Is it sad that I actually have a schedule for how often I get my hair cut?  As a broke college student, I can't afford to cut it every six weeks, so I just go every three months.  January, April, July, October.  And this month there's a sale!!!  (my excitement at that shows you how broke I am)

Some days Rachel's retarded, fat cat decides he needs to get a drink out of Jonah's tank.  So he'll teeter there on the edge, risking his life for a simple drink of water.  I just know he's going to fall in and I'm not going to notice.

And then there are days when I am just in awe of how good the Lord is to me.  He will provide the resources, the direction, and the love.  I don't have to worry about a thing.


Hannah M. said...

I love this post Sarah! Truth about life... honesty... the little things that don't seem to matter, that God takes care of. :) Thanks for writing this!

Dalayna Dillon said...

Hehe fun stuff! Bringing it to truth at the end... no matter what, God's got it figured out, because we obviously do not! haha

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