if Jesus was a zombie

Several weeks ago, I was interviewed by some women on the basis of my possibly going overseas next summer.  I was asked to give a presentation of the gospel in a clear, concise manner.  When I failed to mention Jesus' resurrection, the women inquired as to whether I believed that Jesus rose from the dead and is now alive.  Of course I do, but I'd forgotten to mention it.

This past week, we were coming to the end of our discussion in my anthropology class, and one of the guys raised his hand.  He proceeded to ask, "So was Jesus a zombie?"

Now, this guy is a general nuisance in my class.  He loves to ask ridiculous questions just to get a rise out of the teacher.  He wasn't actually being sincere in his questioning.  But his comment got me thinking.

How often do we leave out important truths, whether in presenting the gospel or talking about deeper theology, that just slip our minds?  Maybe the idea of Jesus being a zombie is a bit extreme, but if I was to fail to mention His resurrection and subsequent life to someone who had heretofore been ignorant of the gospel, that person might unconsciously be left with the assumption that Jesus was just a dead man wandering around after His death.

I encourage you to discipline yourself to know exactly what you believe.  I have a hard time with that--my mind just goes blank as soon as I actually need to know anything related to the Bible!  I do great on exams, but I kind of wish it was the other way around. :) I hope to be more of a taskmaster to myself too so that I'll be "ready to make a defense to everyone who asks [me] to give an account for the hope that is in [me]" (1 Peter 3:15).  Join me!

"Christ was raised from the dead...death no longer has mastery over Him!"
Romans 6:9


Anonymous said...

So was he a zombie or not?

Sarah said...

No. He rose from the dead and is now alive, seated at the right hand of our Father God.

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