let's resolve : : November '12

Lately I've been thinking about the resolutions I made for 2012, and wondering if I'd actually accomplished any of them.  I'm planning on making a separate post on how I did on each of those at the end of December, but I got an idea from this blog to set five goals each month for me to accomplish.  I think it'll be good motivation for me.  I'm going to call it the "Let's Resolve" series.  Resolve may be a bit of a strong word for some of these goals, but it helps remind me of Jonathan Edwards and the seriousness he had about his goals in life.  Some of these goals may be quirky or funny, but some may also be very serious and weighty.  I want to have a driven mindset for those certain goals.  Each post will be somewhere in the middle of the month since that's when today just happens to be.  So, here are my goals for November 2012!

1. Get a job.  I have been unemployed since I finished my summer at Glorieta and, to be honest, I've loved it.  I really don't like working and have loved having so much freetime, but it's time for me to start being a responsible adult again and get back into the workforce.  The only problem is, no one seems to be hiring these days!  But I know God will provide the perfect job for me, in his timing. :)

2. Make a craft.  I really want to make a bunch of cheap, cute presents for my friends this Christmas, and I found an awesome tutorial that was exactly what I'm looking for.  I'll make sure to post about it once I actually make something!

3. Cook something.  A dessert, a meal for my family, anything.  Much as I loathe cooking, it's a necessary part of life that I need to get used to!

4. Write Christmas letters to all of my Compassion children.  I've sent money for their Christmas gifts already, but I want Djamsel, Majoie, and Cristian to know through my words how much I love them and wish I could personally be with them for the holidays!

5. Finish memorizing 1 Corinthians 1.  I've been working on this chapter for about a month now, but not as hard as I should have been.  I'm going to do my best to finish it within the next month, and move on to chapter 2!

I think I'm really going to enjoy setting goals for myself each month!  I already had a really great time coming up with these.

How do you like my new layout and blog name?  I love it so far. :)

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