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My New Owl Hat

Isn't this just the cutest thing EVER???!!!  I got this as an early Christmas present from a friend of mine about a week ago, and I loooove it!  I've been wanting a hat that covers my ears, so this is great.  And it's SO my style--I'm going to be wearing this to school, out on the town--no shame here!  I went to Walmart the other day wearing this and the cashier gave me a weird look and said, "Is it really cold out there?"  I didn't really give him a yes or no answer because (a) technically, no, it wasn't really cold enough to be wearing a warm hat and (b) he just wouldn't have understood my sense of fashion. :)

Doctor Who

All summer at Glorieta, I heard all about Doctor Who and how great it was.  Before this summer, I actually don't think I'd ever heard of the series.  Shame, shame, I know.

When I got home and started back in school, I thought I'd try out watching a few episodes to see how the series was.  Well, I'm absolutely addicted now!  I only started in season 5 because I didn't feel like watching the whole series.  I really, really like the series.  It's funny and intense and sad and exciting, all at the same time!  I can't wait till season 7 becomes available on Netflix!


I know, I know, I'm a terrible person.  I have just been such a huge procrastinator lately.  I have two massive papers due by Monday, and what did I do today?  I edited a video, I tweaked my blog design, I took a nap...  Anything but write those darn papers.  But tomorrow I'm going to just get down to business and do them.  Let the vicious cycle end!

Iced Tea


Generally, I know you're supposed to drink water, but I also know that any liquid is better than nothing!  I almost never drink water, but I drink cold tea constantly.  It's basically the only thing I drink.  Ever.  Usually I love the Crystal Light peach mango tea, but I've been out of it for a few days so I've just been making myself some regular old iced tea.  Yum!

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