weekdate #012

1. On Wednesday this week, I bought myself a turtle!  After writing about how I've always wanted one in this post, I decided to just get one!  His name is Jonah. :)

2. Tomorrow Ellie and Chloe start school, so tonight we all went to look at their classrooms and meet the teachers!  It was fun. :)

3. I've been getting settled into my classes this week.  I never did get into Modern Music Appreciation, but that's ok; I'll have enough on my plate once I get a job and all my classes start full-swing.

4. I can't believe it's already September!  It seems like this year just started. :)

5. It is becoming incredibly difficult to think of things that happened for these weekdates...Sunday was our first church service meeting back in the sanctuary after all the hail and rain damaged the building a few weeks ago.  It was nice!

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