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So, this is number 2 in my 20 random posts: my favorite childhood memory!  Let me tell you, it was hard to come up with.  This probably isn't my favorite childhood memory, but Rachel mentioned it when I was thinking about this post, and it is a really great memory of mine.

When Rachel and I were little, around 4 or 5 (Ellie was just a baby then), we would go outside together and gather as many bugs as we could.  Usually we would select a single type of bug to collect for the day: one days it was stinkbugs, then ladybugs, then caterpillars.  There was one horrible day when we actually caught a few bees in a jar, but that was a horrible day, not a good one, so I won't be elaborating on that.

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There was one day when we had decided upon ladybugs.  We got an empty container, one of those giant animal cracker ones, and set off into the backyard.  Down by our swingset there are a bunch of plants where the ladybugs would like to gather, so we got down to business quickly.  I think we took turns: one of us would catch the ladybugs and put them in the jar, while the other would hold the container and keep the lid on so the ladybugs wouldn't fly out.  Finally, when we had pretty much gleaned all of the bugs we could, we shut the lid and tried to count them all.  This was obviously a terrible idea: there were so many of the bugs, they were literally covering the sides of the container, and as they kept moving they were a bit difficult to count.  But we counted at least 100, and as that was about as far as we could go, our powers in the counting realm having not yet been helped along by any schooling, we opened the jar and let the ladybugs go.

The End.

As a sort of side note, the next item on the list for the 20 random posts is how I met my spouse/significant other.  As I am entirely single at this point in my life, I'll be skipping that one! :) But stay tuned for number 4, when I talk about my dream job!

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PrincessR said...

Ahh! What a sweet memory!!

I can't wait to hear about the dream job!!


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