weekdate #013

1. This week I have my first Spanish test, and my anthropology midterm is in two weeks (!!!).  This semester is flying by already.  My intro to teaching class starts on Wednesday; so excited!

2. Last Tuesday I went to a BSU college Bible study.  It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the teaching, so I think I'll keep going with Rachel.

3. Then on Wednesday Rachel and I went to another college Bible study that's starting up out where we live.  Unfortunately, since we have a class starting next week it was our only chance to be able to go, but it was really good!

4. Saturday night was the Bible memorization meeting with the Living Word Initiative.  It was so good to see everyone. :)

5. Today is my mom's birthday!  Yay!

6. Chloe and I had a photo shoot tonight. :) Enjoy!


Sarah Jungling said...

I really like the pictures!

tammy said...

Love the pictures!

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