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I was debating whether or not to add a weekdate to this post, but I just decided to forego that this week.  My life is very boring lately, and absolutely nothing exciting has happened since last Tuesday.  So, without further ado...

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

I had just turned eight, and was starting third grade.  I was at school with Rachel (we were in the same class).

My school went on lockdown, and I didn't think much of it because we had practice lockdowns and fire drills pretty often.  But then over the loudspeakers Rachel and I were asked to come to the office.  Our teacher got us ready to go and we went out into the hall.  I remember it was really creepy because all the classroom doors were shut and locked and we were by ourselves walking to the office.

My mom had come to pick us up early, just to make sure we were okay, and we went home.  That was when I found out what was going on because my mom left the news on all day.  They played the clip over and over of the planes flying into the towers, and then the towers falling.  I still didn't really understand it, though.

The next day I went to school and one of the girls in my class was crying because she thought her dad was on one of the planes.  I thought she was silly for crying.  I didn't know how many people had died.  It took several years for me to grasp the magnitude of the event.

May we never forget.

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Brittany Butler said...

Sarah, I was talking to my parents about this and how it's strange how we all saw the same event but we all saw it through different filters. For you, you were very young and the images of the classroom doors being closed stood out to you. I was just barely a teenager and in 8th grade so I have very "teenage memories" of that day. I remember walking up the school grass with my best friend and talking about how we were scared something might happen in Albuquerque and I was also kind of glad that we wouldn't have to do anything in my first period social studies class because we had the news on. And I remember realizing how big it was when Total Request Live which was filmed in the middle of Times Square on MTV wasn't on because I would watch it daily. It was such a surreal event because it was so scary and terrible so the images and memories stick with us. The same event, same time, but we all saw it different ways. Thanks for sharing--we'll never forget.

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