20 random posts : : five random things that make me happy

This is number 5 in my 20 random posts.  As a side note, since I skipped number 4 (how you met your spouse/significant other), I'm going to make up another one towards the end so there are actually 20 of these posts, instead of 19.  Also, I found another list like this for 30 things to blog about over the course of a month, so I'm really excited to do that once I finish up this series!

Five Random Things That Make Me Happy :D

1. Getting letters from my Compassion sponsor children. I appreciate how it says "message from your sponsor child" right on the outside of the envelope so you don't have to guess and then be disappointed when it's actually a bill or something else.

2. When my hair actually kind of curls.  I have a lot of curl, but when I brush my hair it just poofs most of the time. :)

3. Getting a test out of the way.  Hopefully I get a good grade, but the more important thing is that it's over and done with. :)

4. Weddings.  I'm such a sop when it comes to romance, so weddings definitely make me happy.

5. Finding a really good quote that makes me think and inspires me.

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