there's a taco in my lung


- I ate a taco so fast, I felt like it was in my lung because of the chest pain I experienced afterwards.  So.  There's that.
- I got an email from Sears that said "You have $30 in rewards points!" Went to check it out...oh wait, it's actually $0.04.
- Next Wednesday I have two midterms and two papers due. :(
- We must have spent the first hour in my science class talking about a bunch of mumbo jumbo because all those women feel like they need to contribute everything they've ever thought about to the conversation.  Such a waste of time.


- my amazing father spent all day today working on my car and saved me and Rachel about a bazillion dollars rather than having to take it to the shop.  He is awesome!!!
- I signed up for an online songwriting course.  It sounds pretty cool!  I'm excited. :)
- I bought some candles from Bath & Body this week and I love them!  I've always wanted to be a "candle person", but I've never really had a place to burn a candle that wouldn't catch a book on fire or be within a pet's reach.  Now I finally have a spot, and I'm taking full advantage of it!  Mmm.
- I got some books at a thrift store this week, and since I'm actually in a reading mood I'm trying to devour everything I've ever wanted to read before the mood goes away.
- Jane Eyre.  I've been listening to the audiobook while working out at Planet Fitness, and I love it!  Mr. Rochester finally declared his love today, so now I have to wait till next week when I go to the gym again to find out what happens.

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Morgan Elizabeth said...

I love hearing about your days, Sarah. Glad that this one was mostly good. =)

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