52 lists : : week 6

List the Ways in Which You Can Love Others

- making a thoughtful, personal gift
- encouragement
- laughing at their jokes
- reading a book to Chloe
- letting them choose the movie
- giving up the last piece of pizza
- sending encouraging letters, emails, or texts
- listening attentively, focusing on them, and responding appropriately
- driving for them
- letting them choose what to get to eat
- helping with household chores
- doing a return
- being random with my acts of kindness and love
- trying to see them as Jesus sees them, instead of just thinking I'm better than they are; focusing on the best about them
- only giving compliments that I actually mean
- striking up a conversation and getting to know them better


-Bess- said...

Just dropping by to tell you I think you're wonderful! =)
P.S.: Just cause!

tammy said...

You have done so many of these for me! Thank you for caring so much for others!

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