365 photography project : : week 5

Tuesday // This was not taken at one in the morning.

Wednesday // Neither was this.

Thursday // So much pink in my bathroom.

Friday // Forgot to take a pic, so here's some more pink. 

Saturday // Jonah's saying hi.

Sunday // I love this song!  Go here to listen to it.

Monday // My dad actually took this pic today.  My dog died last night, and this is what sweet Clovie put next to his grave--her favorite barrette and some flowers.


PrincessR said...

Oh Sarah! I am sooo sorry about your dog!! I know how my heart just feels like it is going to break whenever a beloved pet dies, so I am very sorry!! My heart just got heavy for you reading this post!

I pray you always have a loved memory for you dog whenever you think of it!

Helene said...

so sorry about your dog! how sad!

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