be mine - a Valentine's Day post

Hey everyone!  So I thought it'd be fun to do this little Valentine's Day questionnaire.  I absolutely love Valentine's Day--actually, I love all holidays, so hurray for Valentine's Day!  I got this little quiz over here, so head on over to check it out if you're game!
1). What is your favorite part about Valentines Day?
Like I said, I'm really just a holiday freak.  I dress up for all holidays--a bit of red for Christmas, red and pink for Valentine's Day, green for St. Patrick's Day...if there's a holiday, I'm joining in.  All that to say, I really just like the love part of it.  Not even specifically romantic love, but just love in general.  Valentine's Day reminds me of how much I love my family, and how thankful I am for them.  But let's not bash the romantic aspect of it, either--that part's pretty great too.
2). Your favorite romantic movie
There are so many.  To name a few--While You Were Sleeping, Sweet Land, The Lost Valentine, Pizza My Heart, Everything You Want...the list goes on.
3). Dark or milk chocolate?
Definitely milk if it's available, but dark's okay too.
4). What is something you do to make Valentines Day special?
I like to really dress up for Valentine's Day--pinks, reds, skirts, dresses--just a fun kind of day.
5). Which would you prefer getting as a gift on Valentines Day: Flower or chocolates?
Definitely flowers.  I love getting flowers.
6). If you're married, what do you enjoy doing with your husband to celebrate?
Darn it, you found out about the man I've been hiding in my closet, huh?  Haha...just kidding...it's actually my husband + our three children.
7). If you're single, what do you hope to do with your husband if you get married someday?
 Well... let's go ice skating!  That'd be fun...and a bit childish.  I guess if we were acting like adults we'd go out to dinner and eat our $20 steaks while murmuring solemn words of love to each other.  Nah, I'd prefer ice skating and laughter. :)

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