365 photography project : : week 6

Tuesday // I went out to Sal's grave after I got home from school--isn't the view beautiful?

Wednesday // Forgot to take a pic--here's one from the day before.

Thursday // And another from Tuesday.

Friday // Chloe lost another tooth!

Saturday // My wretched math test that took me three hours to finish.

Sunday // Rachel's fox sweater.

Monday // At school.

This is going to be my last 365 photography post.  I feel like it was a good endeavor, but I am just so sick and tired of having to take a pic every day!  My goal at the beginning was to gain more experience in photography and enjoy it, but I actually just don't even like getting my camera out anymore.  So it's time for it to stop!  I feel like that's what I always do when I say I'm going to schedule posts--I back out of it.  Scheduled blogging just isn't for me!  Oh, well, I hope you all enjoyed these posts while they lasted!

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bonbon said...

I am the same way when I try photo a day things. I am already so busy and have so much on my plate that that just feels like one more stupid thing I have to do. So I don't! Props to you for giving up on it! :) I just found your blog and I have really enjoyed your writing and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

new follower :)

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