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Hi everyone!  So I've kind of been in a blogging slump lately after going crazy at the start of the year, and I thought this series might be fun to kind of get me back in a groove.  I can't promise I'll post every single day--you all know how I am with scheduled blogging = a quitter--but I'll definitely cover all the topics even if I have to double up some days.  If anyone wants to join me just download the list below.

March 1: Self Portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

One Since the beginning of the year I've started writing a ton of fiction.  I always used to write little dribbles here and there, but I'm actually completely things now.  Yay for consistency!
Two I have no clue what I'm doing with myself this summer.  I had all these great plans, but they've all sort of gone out the window.  Guess we'll just see what happens...but that's a wee bit stressful.
Three I really like pop music, like Demi Lovato.  Also sad classical songs.  They sort of inspire me.
Four I signed up for a six week songwriting course and, seriously, what the heck was I thinking.  As if I didn't have enough on my plate with 16 credit hours (and my classes are all really challenging this semester), now I get to spend another 6ish hours a week writing songs!  Oh well.  At least I actually have some experience doing it, and hopefully it'll be fun!
Five I am officially brunette.  I'm still having a very hard time wrapping my mind around that.

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