spring break

Right now I'm sitting at McDs, where I have been for...two and a half hours.  Rachel's currently at a concert and I really didn't want her to be murdered walking to her car in the creepy part of town, so I'm picking her up.  Yaaaaaay.....

Anyway, I thought I'd give an update on my spring break week.  It has not been relaxing, I have to say--I have been sooooo busy.  Monday Rachel and I had lunch with one of our best friends growing up, and then we went out to dinner and a movie (Oz--don't go see it, it was awful) with some other friends.  Tuesday was kind of chill, but then on Wednesday Rachel and I drove all the way to Las Cruces and back in one day.  Eight hours of driving.  :(

I went to Las Cruces to see an academic advisor at NMSU in a desperate attempt to solidify my plans for the future.  Said plans were sort of solidified but I'm actually sort of more confused than ever now, so it wasn't actually all I'd hoped for it to be.  Hopefully I can get things figured out soon, though.  We visited our grandparents while we were there and it was so good to see them--we don't see them nearly often enough.  And then we explored the campus, walked around the mall, and headed home, all before 10 PM (pulled in around 9:59ish)!  We are insane.  Or, more specifically, Rachel is, because she didn't want to pay for a hotel.  But hey.  Our first road trip!  If I'd gotten more than four hours of sleep the night before, I might have spent the time doing a bit more than desperately trying to sleep (key word here is trying) and reading.

Yesterday Rachel, Chloe, and I had a sisters' day.  We went to Walmart to pick out nail polish, saw the Easter bunny at the mall,

and went to see Rise of the Guardians (very cute movie).  Then we were going to go to the zoo, but we didn't check the times and it closed before we could get there.  So hopefully we can go sometime this weekend!  It was so good to spend that time with her--I feel like my semester's been crazy and I haven't really seen my family at all, much less spent quality time with them.

Well, got to go.  A creepy guy just asked if he could eat dinner with me, and I think some nice tax filing will be just the thing to boost my spirits following that encounter.

March 13: Do you have regret?
Sure.  One of the things that comes to mind is not trusting God in taking more risks and having adventures in my life.

March 14: What's on your iPod?
I actually just have an mp3.  Right now there's mainly some audiobook chapters of Jane Eyre because I've been listening to it at the gym.  Also some of my favorite music.

March 15: List 10 things that make you awesome.
1. I can make embarrassing lists like this.
2. I play guitar.
3. I dropped my pick once inside a guitar when I was playing in front of my church, and kept going.
4. I am actually figuring out where I'm going to transfer!
5. I've been blogging consistently for almost five years(!).
6. I read Mansfield Park.  This is an accomplishment because that is a long book!  I loved it though.
7. I named my plant Ferdinand.
8. My mind is still desperately clinging to 1 Timothy, even though I can't seem to keep it memorized.
9. I can be ready to go ten minutes after I wake up.
10. ...

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