weekdate #016

1. All day Tuesday I crammed for my anthropology midterm.  I finally finished around 10 PM.

2. Wednesday morning I went for my second day of classroom observation.

3. Then, Wednesday afternoon, I went for my midterm.  I think I did pretty good.  I felt I could have been a bit more prepared, but at least it's over with!

4. Then, Wednesday afternoon, Rachel and I were rear ended for the first time.  There's no damage to our car or anything, but it shook us both up a bit.

5. Thursday, I spent all day doing classroom observation because I'm a bit behind on my hours.  I was able to observe the math and social studies part of the kids' schooling, which I hadn't been able to see before.

6. On Friday Rachel, my mom, and I went to register for our passports.  Rachel and I are planning on going to Mexico for a weekend in November, so we needed to have our passports ready.  It took forever, but at least it's over with now.

7. Saturday morning, my whole family and I left to go visit my grandparents in Ruidoso.  We spent the weekend with them and came back Sunday night.  Hopefully I'll have a post with more pictures and stories up either tonight or tomorrow.

1 comment:

PrincessR said...

At least midterms are over!

Wow! rear-ended? That doesn't sound fun....is the car ok? I haven't ever been in a big accident (at least one involving other people) but I did...ahem...hit a tree. I remember how much adrenaline was running through me! I am so sorry about that!!

Passports? Taking forever? What? hahaha

I'm glad you got to get away for a weekend- I can't wait to see more pictures!

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