apple picking

Last weekend my family and I went to visit my grandparents.  They own a cattle ranch, and we had a great time hanging out in the pastures.  There's a ton of pics; I couldn't choose! :)

*credit for most of the pics goes to Rachel

On our way to Ruidoso we came upon an abandoned building that we decided to get out and look around.

On Sunday we went to the church my grandparents normally go to.  As Ruidoso is surrounded by farms and ranches, it was kind of a cowboy church--called the J Bar J.  Rachel, Ellie, and I were by far the youngest people there.  We got called out, by the worship leader/pastor, during worship, because we were "young and beautiful and lowered the average age of the church by about 30 years."  And then a lady asked if Rachel--my twin sister--and Ellie--my 16-year-old sister--were "mine".  When I told her no she said she didn't think I looked "quite old enough."  Gosh, thanks.

We got to go apple picking at the orchard that my grandparents own.  I had such a good time just hanging out with my family, and now we have probably a hundred apples to eat!

Chloe got a slingshot, so Daddy had to show her how to use it.

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