20 random posts : : what do people misunderstand most about you? + describe your personality

This is number 6 and 7 in my 20 random posts series.  I couldn't write enough about the first one, so I just decided to combine these two.

I've been thinking about posting this all week, but to be honest...I was stumped.  I mean, it's not like people just come up to me all the time and freely express what they don't understand about me.  I'm kind of glad about that, actually. :)

Anyway, I finally came up with something that I think most people don't know about me.  It's not really the same as don't understand, but really, how am I supposed to know that?  I think most people don't know that I have a temper.  I usually hide it pretty well, but sometimes I just get really angry.


That was so short.  Sorry. :) I just couldn't think of anything.  Anyway, number 7 is "describe your personality".  So here goes.

I'm generally pretty quiet, and I like to keep to myself.  If I feel like I need to express someone, I'll usually either talk to my sisters, or write about it.  I'm pretty empathetic--I cry when other people cry, I feel happy when they're happy, etc.

I am very happy.  My personality is such that I'm just generally a really happy, optimistic person.  I can see a silver lining in just about anything.  I smile and laugh a lot.

I bond really easily with certain people.  I also really bond to my pets--I love my turtle, my fish, my cat, and my dog.  I feel kind of sad when I find myself talking to my beta fish sometimes.


And here's a nice picture because I just felt like this post was incredibly boring.  Sorry. :)

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PrincessR said...

Good post! I really like your 20 random posts so far! I thought it was very interesting, I love learning about people's personalities. :D

A book I really, really liked that helped me learn more about myself, and how I should relate to others was "Understanding Why Others Misunderstand You". :D Long title, but very interesting book. The authors go through the DISC profiles (Driver, Influence, Steady, and Conscientious) and what combinations of that you can be. BUT they also come from a Biblical perspective and show you how Jesus would relate to others based on their personality. I highly recommend it!

I really enjoyed your post. Don't ever feel like they are boring! They aren't! Thanks for taking the time to share. :)

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