weekdate #009

1. After over two months, I'll finally be starting these weekdates again!  I'm home from Glorieta as of yesterday.

2. On Wednesday night I went out to dinner at Rooftop Pizzeria with two girls I worked with, and I went again on Friday with a bigger group of people.  It was delicious!

3. I worked from last Saturday till Thursday, had Friday off, and had my final day on Saturday.  On Saturday I learned how to de-shell and de-vein shrimp!

4. On Saturday night we had our staff banquet.  Everyone dressed up and we had dinner together.  We watched a slideshow that one of the guys on staff had made.

5. After the banquet on Saturday we all learned to square dance!  It was a lot of fun, if a bit confusing.

6. Sunday morning I woke up early to help some of my friends pack their cars and then see them off.

7. Since Rachel and I had all day to leave and only an hour to drive, we decided to head to Santa Fe one last time with a friend of ours.  We got to explore some art galleries (so amazing!), and then we just kind of wandered around the plaza.

7. After our last meal with the staff that's staying, we went to the prayer garden one last time.  I only went two times over the entire summer; I wish I had gone a lot more!

8. It was hard to sleep last night!  My bed at Glorieta faced a different way than mine at home does, and it was a lot harder.

9. Today I unpacked and got re-settled here at home.  Then tonight we had dinner together.

10. It's really hard to adjust to being home!  But I'll be used to it in a couple of days. :)


Hannah M. said...

YAY, back home! :D It is hard readjusting. I'm glad y'all are back and I hope you enjoyed working in Glorieta immensely!

tammy said...

So happy that you are back home but glad you had such a great time!

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