weekdate #011

1. Not a whole lot happened last week.  Rachel, Ellie, and I spent some time together before we started school--Rachel and I this week, and Ellie next week.

2. Friday was Rachel and I's 19th birthday!  Our family all went out for dinner at Macaroni Grill.  It was delicious!

3. My parents gave me some roses for my birthday.

4. And a friend of mine gave me a ring.  It's really beautiful. :)

5. Yesterday my classes for my sophomore year began.  I'm taking Anthropology 101, Spanish 2, Western Civilization 2, Introduction to Teaching, and I'm trying to get into Modern Music Appreciation 1.

These are only the books for two of my classes. :)

6. My only class that's in-class for now is Anthropology.  I'll be going for the Intro to Teaching, but that doesn't start for another few weeks.  My anthropology teacher is a trip; I have a feeling it'll be a very challenging class in terms of standing up for what I believe.

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