Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #40

I'm thankful for:

0781. seven great weeks of Fuge

0782. Regeneration next week!  I've been looking forward to this all summer; plus, the youth group from my church is coming, along with Ellie!

0783. "Jesus Paid It All"

0784. my natural hair color.  A bunch of people had a "group dye" party yesterday, and for some of them, it didn't turn out so well.  I'm so grateful I've never dyed my hair!

0785. only two more weeks till I'm done with my first education class!

0786. being able to spend 11 weeks with the people here

0787. a bunch of different cultures and ethnicities all coming together here; it's really showed me what the Body of Christ is like as it spans countries, races, and peoples

0788. a good, well paying job

0789. a car!!!!  Only by the grace of God.

0790. getting mail

0791. music majors

0792. computer plugs that work.  I've been having such horrendous problems with mine, but I'm getting a new one tomorrow!  Yay!

0793. a wedding to go to on Sunday!  Congratulations, Hope and Matt!

0794. my Fuge sweater.  So warm.

0795. fast Internet.  You never know what you had at home till you're away from it for 11 weeks.  I think I just waited half an hour so I could fully listen to one song on youtube.

0796. friendships that will last a lifetime

0797. getting up at 5:30 today to go watch the sunrise!

0798. a pretty easy week of work

0799. the opportunity Ellie's had over these past few weeks to go on mission trips with Samaritan's Purse

0800. getting to spend all day Sunday with my family!


Anonymous said...

great post

Laurie Elise said...

What a darling little car. :) I loved your list of what you are thankful for!



tammy said...

Missing you so much but so happy to see what the Lord is doing in your life!

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