Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #10

I'm thankful for:

0181. music notes

0182. scarves

0183. the color blue

0184. youtube

0185. world history

0186. quotes by godly people

0187. flutes

0188. "Manger Throne" by Third Day

0189. God's gift of His Word.  I'm especially thankful for the first chapter of Luke today, as it's the most detailed account of the beginning of Jesus' life on earth.

0190. turkey and mashed potatoes

0191. the strength God gives for each day.  As thy days, thy strength shall be in measure...

0192. hymns

0193. a warm bed to sleep in

0194. finger knitting

0195. thick, fuzzy socks

0196. a loving family, both here and extended

0197. the blessing of my cousin-in-law being kept safe in Qatar

0198. yarn

0199. the promise of spring (and warmth again!)

0200. the blessing of giving things away


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