Keep praying

- Continue praying for the people of Haiti!  The cholera epidemic has lessened, as I understand it, but there still is some danger.  Praise God that Hurricane Tomas has passed over the country, doing much less damage than was initially anticipated!  To see some recent pictures of the country of Haiti, especially after the cholera epidemic, go here.

- Also continue in your prayers for the people of Indonesia.  Mount Merapi erupted again yesterday, killing 90 more people and urging many others to flee their homes.  200,000 people have left their homes now, so we also need to pray that those 200,000 would find shelter!  Many people are badly burned and have had their lungs damaged by the volcanic ash in the air, and the hospitals are overwhelmed with trying to care for so many.  The volcano is expected to erupt again.  To read more go here.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of that page to see pictures of this tragedy; however, keep in mind that some of the images are graphic.

Jesus looked at them and said, “...with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26

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